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Planning Status

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Planning Status

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Planning Status

ELS Region Current Status - Complete

As the lead Transmitter, Hydro One SSM completed the ELS Region planning process on December 12, 2014 with the issuing of a final ELS Region - Needs Assessment Report to team members as well as posting the report on this Hydro One SSM web-site. The ELS team was composed of participants representing Hydro One SSM, IESO, Hydro One, Algoma Power Inc., PUC Distribution Inc. and Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation.

The Report did not recommend the need for any further Regional Planning so there will not be any need for an IESO Scoping Process for the ELS Region. The report did recommend that three issues do not require further regional coordination and “localized” wire only solutions are to be developed by Hydro One SSM and the impacted distributor or customer.

With the issuing of the Needs Assessment Report on December 12, 2014 this completes the Regional Planning process and Hydro One SSM will undertake the next Regional Planning process in five years (2019) as outlined by the transmission System Code unless, before that date, there is sufficient load growth or a trigger event that requires the initiating of the Regional Planning process.


 ELS Region Needs Assessment Report  
 Annual GLPT Regional Planning Report   30_Oct_15  

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